At Mj Salon, we know that every face tells a unique story. With our professional makeup services, eyelash treatments, and eyebrow lamination, we can help you narrate yours more expressively, adding a dash of glamour and elegance that’s uniquely you.

The Power of Makeup: Transform and Express Yourself

At Mj Salon, we believe that makeup is an art form, a means to express your personality, and an accessory that enhances your natural beauty. We offer various makeup services tailored to your needs.

For those seeking a ‘less is more’ approach, our ‘Simple Makeup’ service, priced at $55, is your perfect match. We focus on enhancing your natural features, ensuring you look fresh-faced, glowing, and effortlessly beautiful.

For those days when you want to take your look up a notch, choose our ‘Regular Makeup’ service at $65. This service includes a more detailed application to transform your look from day to night or from work to a special event. Want to add more drama to your eyes? Opt for our 3D lashes for an extra $10, giving you a more intense and voluminous look.

And for life’s biggest moments, our ‘Wedding Makeup’ service starting at $95 will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. We understand the importance of looking perfect on your special day and work meticulously to create a look that is as radiant and unforgettable as the bride herself.

Wake Up To Perfect Lashes and Brows: Elevate Your Look

If you’ve ever dreamt of waking up with perfectly curled lashes and well-styled, fuller-looking brows, Mj Salon can make that dream come true. Our ‘Eyelash Extension’ service starting at $100 offers you longer, thicker, and more glamorous lashes without the need for mascara or an eyelash curler.

Alternatively, consider our ‘Eyelash Lift and Tint’ service for $75. This treatment gives your natural lashes a beautiful curl and a more pronounced color, offering a more natural but equally stunning look.

To complete the transformation, why not pair your stunning lashes with perfectly styled brows? Our ‘Eyebrow Lamination’ service, priced at $75, can give you the well-defined, fuller-looking brows you’ve always desired.

At Mj Salon, our goal is to help you look and feel your best. We invite you to visit us and discover the transformative power of professional makeup, lash, and brow services. Located at 4768 Golden Gate Pkwy, Naples, FL 34116, you can call us at (239) 455-2472 to schedule an appointment. Be ready to step into a world where your unique beauty is celebrated and enhanced!