At Mj Salon, we believe that grooming is not limited to any age. It’s a lifelong journey that begins in childhood and continues through adulthood and into the golden years. To cater to every stage of life, we offer a wide variety of hair and beard services, designed to help you look and feel your best at every age.

For the Young and Spirited: Kid’s Cuts

Getting your child’s haircut can be a significant event, and we’re here to make it as enjoyable and smooth as possible. For just $15, our ‘Kid’s Cuts’ service offers stylish and fun haircuts for children under 10. We understand the importance of making your child feel comfortable and excited about their new haircut, and our experienced stylists are adept at creating a friendly and engaging environment.

For the Modern Man: Men’s Grooming Services

Whether you’re a corporate professional, a rugged outdoorsman, or a trendy fashionista, we have a grooming solution for you. From our standard ‘Regular Cut’ priced at $20, to the more comprehensive ‘Combo Cut + Beard Trim & Blade’ for $30, our services are designed to help you maintain a polished and modern look. And for those looking to add a dash of flair, our ‘Men’s Highlights’ starting at $75 and ‘Men’s Color’ services starting at $35, are the perfect way to express your unique style.

For the Seasoned and Sophisticated: Senior Specials

As we age, our hair needs change, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style. We offer ‘Senior Specials’ tailored to cater to the specific needs of seniors. With haircuts priced at $15 and all shear haircuts at $18, we provide age-appropriate styling that enhances your natural charm and elegance.

Beard Trimming: A Finishing Touch for the Gentlemen

We understand that a well-groomed beard can be the crowning glory for many men. Our additional ‘Beard Trim’ service, available for an extra $5, ensures that your beard is as neat, styled, and sophisticated as your hair.

At Mj Salon, we’re committed to ensuring that you and your family can enjoy top-tier grooming services at every stage of life. Visit us at 4768 Golden Gate Pkwy, Naples, FL 34116, or call us at (239) 455-2472 to book an appointment. Let’s celebrate the journey of life, in style!